About us

Trophy Arm established in 2016 is a company developed by an avid hunter who saw a need in the Outdoor Industry. In the fall of 2015 the creator of Trophy Arm picked up a Whitetail deer mount from his taxidermist only to find that he did not have a place for it on the wall. The only location that would work for this trophy deer head was near a corner but the angle would have had the deer facing in the wrong direction.

How could this be resolved? Build a bigger Man Cave, no!

The answer... Trophy Arm

The idea came to life and Trophy Arm worked exactly as intended. The mount not only worked well in the corner but extended out 14" into the room facing everyone that walked in. Perfect!

Get yours today! We guarantee it will change the look of every mount on your wall. Your Friends and Family will now notice the deer head you've had hanging for 10 years...

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